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Filter Media Rolls

Filter Media Rolls

Bulk air filter media in rolls is the most cost efficient way to purchase air filter media. Typically rolls come in 1/2", 1", and 2" thicknesses. Note that these thicknesses are nominal, meaning that they are not exactly the stated thickness, but close. We offer each of these thicknesses in a dry and light tack version. Some medias have an option of a heavy tack on the downstream side of the filter media. The tack boosts the particulate capture (efficiency) of the media and prevents migration of dust downstream from a loaded filter when a system turns on.

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  2. 5S15852

    Starting at: $49.10

  3. 5S15855

    Starting at: $52.63

  4. 5S15854

    Starting at: $55.15

  5. 5S15857

    Starting at: $57.41

  6. 5S15858

    Starting at: $58.10

  7. MRHLK

    Starting at: $61.99

  8. 5S15856

    Starting at: $65.73

  9. MRO2

    Starting at: $66.53

  10. MRO1

    Starting at: $72.58

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