Custom Designed Air and Gas Housings

Five Star Filter offers air and gas housings for filters used to clean the air intake for generators, engines and turbines. From small generators to full-size, large turbines, our turbine intake housings feature a modular design and a variety of construction materials for a wide range of air intake environments.

We also offer Purolator housings for HVAC and ventilation systems. The Purolator PURO-Seal HEPA side access housing is for applications requiring gasket or fluid seal ULTRA-Cell filtration. The Purolator HSA’s state-of-the-art crank lock system provides consistent compression and continuous sealing. Configurations with and without pre-filter tracks are available to accommodate most system requirements.

Our inventory also includes PECOFacet vessels, which house filters primarily used to filter liquid and natural gas. PECOFacet offers one of the most extensive selections of filtration and contaminant handling technologies available in the global market place.

Due to the nature of the systems, many housings must be specially designed for applications. When an off-the-shelf design won’t do the job, we provide customers with our own brand of housings. Contact us for more details about our specialty design and manufacturing services.