Air Filter Pads and Rolls

Five Star Filter is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of high quality air filter media as pads and rolls. We commonly stock 100 master rolls of different thicknesses and we can cut them on the fly with our in house processing equipment. Available in rolls and pads of almost any size, this product is extremely popular with professionals in the HVAC industry. Our 100% polyester pads and rolls provide an excellent air filtration option for commercial and industrial settings. Adding to its value is the variety of MERV ratings and efficiencies in which it is available.

Stock varieties include Filtrair brand filter media in:

  • 1/2” thickness dry and light tack versions
  • 1” thickness dry, light tack, heavy tack and antimicrobial heavy tack
  • 2” thickness dry, light tack, and antimicrobial heavy tack
  • 1” thick dry paint arrestor
  • Stock varieties from Vita Fibers brand
  • VP9 very dense dry 1/4” thicknesses
  • VP20 very dense dry 1/2” thicknesses