What Should You Look for in a Bag or Pocket Filter?

The terms “bag” and “pocket” are often used interchangeably when describing these types of dust and liquid filters. But there’s a difference between a bag filter and a pocket filter.

A bag filter has a header with a metal or plastic lip on the inflow side of the filter, with three to 12 pockets for air to flow through. The design increases the surface area to maximize its dust storing capacity. This extends the life of the filter.

A pocket filter is made with a lofted polyester product. It typically contains no more than two pockets.

Our inventory of bag and pocket filters are used for dust removal in industrial applications. Our filters include:

  • Five Star Filter Bag and Pocket Filters
  • Purolator SERVA-Pak
  • Purolator SERVA-Pak Type S
  • Purolator Defiant Bag

When shopping for a bag or pocket filter, consider three critical factors. First, efficiency level, or how clean you need the air after it is filtered. Second, consider the dust or dirt holding capacity, which reflects how long the filter will last. Finally, consider the cost. Our team is always ready to answer any questions you have about selecting and purchasing the correct filter for your needs.