What Are ASHRAE Cell Filters?

ASHRAE cell filters cover a wide range of filters. ASHRAE is an acronym for the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers. ASHRAE cell filters are most often used in commercial HVAC systems typically found in office buildings and facilities, such as malls, schools, universities, sports arenas and large churches.

ASHRAE cell filters generally have one of three efficiency ratings, 90-95% [MERV 14], 80-85% [MERV 13], 60-65% [MERV 11]. Media types are usually fiberglass, synthetic or blends of those materials. Our available frame styles include box, single header, double header and Double Turned Flange (DTF), which fits box-style applications, but is much stronger. Frame styles are available in standard and special sizes, in metal, particle board or aluminum frame materials.

When purchasing an ASHRAE cell filter, customers should consider what level of filtration they need. They should also consider whether or not they want to spend more on a filter that requires fewer change outs, which can save electricity and labor costs.