Liquid Bag Filters

Our liquid bag filters are made using polypropylene or polyester felt media with a steel or plastic ring. There are many options available to choose from, including bags with a glazed or singed finish, as well as multiple ring types and handles.

Bag filters are available in several standard sizes and can be customized for your purposes using a variety of materials. They are the most widely used filter type for industrial liquid filtration, and are also suited for food grade, medical and industrial applications.

The most important selection criteria for a bag filter would be what type of liquid you need filtered. For example, if it is a liquid that will corrode metal, you would want to use a stainless steel or plastic ring which supports the top of the filter. Sometimes liquids are heated to help them flow better, and certain bag filter fabrics, such as Nomex, are more resistant to heat.

Choosing a bag filter with the appropriate micron rating is also very important. You must know or estimate the size of the contaminant you are trying to remove, and select a micron rating lower than that size to allow proper filtration.