What Are the Benefits of Mini Pleat Filters?

Mini pleat filters are used in areas where better than average filtration levels are required and the filters need to last a long time. Mini pleated filter packs are made by pleating filter paper, blends, and all synthetic filter media and sealing it into the filter frame. An adhesive bead is often added to the pleat pack to secure pleat spacing. Mini pleat media packs can be as thin as 1 inch, but the most common variety is 2 inches thick. The packs are often set up in V-shaped banks, which increase the filter media that can be packed into one filter. These filters are rugged and puncture resistant. The increased media in the filter decreases the pressure it takes to push air through the filter, which results in longer life for your machines and increased dust holding capacity of the filter, thus a long life for the filter.

Mini pleat filters provide more bang for your buck. They pack a huge amount of filter media into the same space as older technology. Filters made with older technology have much less filter media in them, unlike mini pleat filters. They have a much lower dust holding capacity. As a result, they have to be changed out much more frequently.

When selecting a mini pleat filter, you should consider the total price of filtration. Cost can include the filter, the cost of labor for changing the filter out, storage cost, shipping cost and the electrical cost for the operation of the filter.