How Do Oil Mist Filters Work?

Five Star Filter’s oil mist collector units are used to collect oil mist in a variety of applications. Oil mist filters are mainly used by flange and metal parts manufacturers, who use a lot of oil to lubricate their processes while shaping metals. Robust oil mist filters are necessary when a large number of lathes are operating in a single space.

Our oil mist filters feature a two-stage system that removes small particles at each stage. The first-stage filter is a washable stainless steel media filter that removes larger droplets of mist from the air. The filter can be washed, dried and reused many times. The second-stage filter is a multi-pocket bag filter that utilizes a special backing to prevent oil from migrating downstream.

These units can be mounted to the ceiling with ductwork running to the source, or placed on the floor. Most commonly these units are mounted to the ceiling since most oil mist accumulates near the ceiling. Washable wire mesh pre-filter and backed fiberglass bags are used as filters in these units. Custom oil collector units specific to your application can also be designed and shipped directly to your location.