Paint Arrestor Pads and Rolls

Paint arrestor filters keep the exhaust stack and fan in a paint booth free of overspray build-up. There are many varieties and efficiency levels of paint exhaust filters designed for different levels of use. Five Star Filter offers polyester, fiberglass, and accordion style paint arrestor filters in pads and rolls. Often times several levels or stages of filters are used to reach an optimal result that is also cost efficient.

Polyester pain arrestors are becoming the industry standard for several reasons. They typically hold more paint and do not bleed through as easily as fiberglass varieties. They also provide consistent results and have a long lifespan.

When choosing a paint arrestor filter, the properties of the paint coating needs to be taken into consideration. Every coating has its own unique properties. Some of the factors that can affect paint arrestor performance include a coating that dries in the ambient air or one that migrates easily. Some coatings remain wet and sticky and saturate the filter, which causes bleed-through. This type of coating will not dry unless cured with an oven. The percentage of solids in the coating as well as its viscosity are important factors to review when choosing paint arrestor filters.

For assistance in selecting the correct paint arrestor filter for your needs, contact our team at Five Star Filter.