Partners & Capabilities

At Five Star Filter, we understand teamwork is an essential component to great customer service. Since 2013, Five Star Filter has partnered with Katch Filters LLC, a leading manufacturer of dust collector cartridges, powder coat cartridges, and gas turbine and stationary engine cartridge intake filters.

Thanks to Katch Filters LLC’s deep knowledge of these filtration areas, we are able to quickly and accurately match customers with the right filter for their equipment and provide the best solution for their needs. This partnership also helps us to reduce lead times and accommodate special packaging and other customer needs.

Katch Filters LLC specializes in manufacturing cylindrical and panel filters, including:

  • Various unique OEM designs
  • Cylindrical filters with metal end caps
  • Cylindrical filters with urethane molded ends
  • Panel filters with metal frames

The metal components used to build Katch filters include electro-galvanized steel sheet and expanded metal, stainless steel cloth, expanded metal and sheet. Katch Filters stocks each of these materials in various thicknesses and specifications.

Other filter media types used to make Katch filters include:

  • Cellulose media
  • Blended polyester/cellulose
  • Nanofiber media
  • Spunbond polyester media
  • Stainless steel cloth
  • Lofted polyester
  • Non-woven polyester
  • Polyester felt
  • Reticulated foam
  • Activated carbon
  • Carbon polyester
  • And many more
Teamwork is essential to great customer service! Get to know our partner, Katch Filters LLC, a leading custom filter manufacturer.
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