PP Filter Cartridges

Polypropylene resin meeting FDA regulation 21CRF177.1520 is used to manufacture Five Star Filter’s thermally bonded PP filter cartridges. Binders, lubricants or antistatic agents are NOT used in our manufacturing process. Each filter lot has been tested and certified under ANSI/NSF standard 42 for material requirements. The inert qualities of polypropylene resin provides exceptional chemical compatibility to handle a wide range of process fluids.

Our PP filter cartridges are designed to provide high flow rates with minimum pressure drop. Flow rates of up to 5 gpm per 10” length are recommended and should not exceed 10 gpm per 10” length for optimal efficiency. The maximum operating temperature is 160 F (70 C). These cartridges replace name brands such as Parker, Pall, 3M Cuno, Parker, Pentair, Critical Process, and Peco. Brand names are used only for identification purposes.

Some of the features and benefits of our cartridges include:

  • Polypropylene construction provides broad chemical compatibility for many applications
  • Single length construction simplifies compatibility options and provides easy disposal
  • Graduated density provides twice the life of other manufacturers
  • Continuous fiber matrix prevents media migration
  • Thermally bonded fiber matrix provides dimensionally stable construction
  • Superior interlayer bonding eliminates containment
  • Fixed pore structure provides optimum particle retention
  • Finish-free construction provides optimum fluid purity and eliminates foaming condition