Ring Panel Filters vs. Pleated Filters

Ring panel filters are a commercial filter design that use gradient density polyester media with a metal ring sewn or heat-sealed inside the edges to hold the media open. They offer several advantages over pleated filters. Ring panels self seal due to the way media wraps around the metal ring.

On the other hand, pleated air filters may allow air to go around the filter due to the design having cardboard laying against metal. Ring panel filters are found in just about any commercial building or industrial facility, especially older hospitals. Ring panels are also useful in long air intakes, such as large atriums or foyers of commercial buildings and hospitals.

Ring panels that we offer are from light duty to heavy duty versions made in 2 and 3 ply configurations. We use a variety of filter media types in construction of ring panels. Usually multiple 1/2” layers are used to reach the desired MERV rating and dust holding capacity. Additives which create a tackifier on the downstream side of some filter medias can allow smaller particle retention as well as reduce dust migrating downstream when the filter is full and near change out time. We use a variety of densities of dry filter media types, light tack versions, heavy tack grades, and antimicrobial treated filter medias to build ring panels.